Year Book - SFWS


Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for preschoolers. The First graduation ceremony of St. Francis World school was organized on 20th March, 2018 for Kindergarten. The occasion was graced by the presence of chief guest, Mr. Vishwajeet Bembi, a renowned physician and social activist and Management committee of St. Francis World School. The event started by lighting of the lamp. A beautiful presentation depicted the whole year of kindergartners mesmerized the parents. Children of Class UKG walked confidently on the stage in the convocation gown and received their graduating certificates. The young graduates were moving on to new discoveries and new accomplishments but they take with them the many discoveries and accomplishments they shared together and this was all worth celebrating.


“Right beginning leads to Right end”. The session begins with the message of recycling and reusing. Children participated on 6th April, 2018 with full zeal and enthusiasm in “ Best out of Waste” activity They made wonderful things from the waste material which were beyond the expectations. Right from waste ropes to broken bangles, plastic bangles, waste nails to broken door handles every waste material was used and the result was a hall full of projects made out of waste. It gave an opportunity to the students to work on the creative side


A special assembly on Baisakhi was conducted on 13th April, 2018. A spell bound dance performance was given by class 6th students. Children understood the significance of the harvest festival though speech, videos and thoughts shared by fellow students in the assembly.