Medical Room

We have medical facilities to ensure health of students and to give urgent medical aid if required

Safety & Security

A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. Thus ensuring safety of children, teachers and staff members is of utmost priority to us. Moreover, safety of their wards is of paramount concern as the children are most vulnerable now-a-days. Keeping in mind we were the first one in Meerut to implement RFID for the safety of our school children. Now to add another feather to our cap, we have implemented Ultra-High Frequency Identification for our children in order to provide them with a safe and secure environment. The campus and transport is equipped with CCTV Surveillance to track the real time positioning of the child any moment

ERP Software

To provide all the information to parents our ERP software is crafted in such a manner that it provides complete insight about their children performance. Their examination details, timetable, attendance record, results obtained, etc., are few activities can be viewed easily with the click of a mouse.

It facilitates transparent communication between teachers and parents. At any point of time, they can interact with the teachers and ask about any query pertaining to children’s performance or school curriculum.

If any important event is about to take place in a school or if children have participated in any school activity which aim at holistic development, the notification of the same is send to parents via the module. If they are unable to attend the event, they can check the photos of the event through gallery section.

Many times it happens that teachers want to communicate important points to parents about their children performance but in their absence. Such communication can be done hassle-free by using the software.

Last but not the least, parents need not to visit school personally for taking application forms or depositing school fee. They can easily download the application and pay fee online.