SFWS Campus is a marvel of modern architecture that is spacious, purpose-built, safe and highly conducive to learning. The campus is self-sustainable with all the amenities and facilities for the students, faculty and the staff alike. From playgrounds to classrooms, the entire campus is dedicated to conducive learning of our children tending their physical as well as emotional wellbeing equally. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled with seamless connectivity. The academic block houses well-equipped class rooms each with a smart board, faculty offices, science lab, language lab and robotics lab.

Class Rooms

SFWS has replaced traditional classrooms with open learning spaces classrooms, individual quiet zones, large spaces for immersive learning and small hubs for individual assistance. The campus hosts big, comfortable, airy, well-lit classrooms with child friendly furniture for an optimal learning environment and enable ‘real-life learning’. Each classroom houses a smart board which makes learning a practical adventure. Integrating technology with education augments- literacy, boosts attentiveness and improves comprehension ability of the learners.


Play Arena

The Outdoor Sports Arena of the school has professional-grade sports areas such as Cricket, Basket Ball court, Badminton court, and Skating rink. These facilities provide students with the most authentic experience of playing the sport. Professional and highly qualified coaches and state-of-the-art equipment help students hone their skills to participate in state- and national-level competitions.



The school has an amphitheatre, an open-air venue for spectator sports, concerts or theatrical performances where the students have group activities in small groups. It has a large central performance space surrounded by ascending seating in a lush green environment. As a modern school, SFWS has designed atrium stairs that support students to socialize in addition to providing spatial connection.


Activity Block

Various activity blocks harbour Kalabhavan, Music and Dance rooms seasoned to satiate the creativity among children. They are purposeful build spaces for performing and visual arts classes blended in the curriculum. Art, Music & Dance education plays an important role in a child’s overall development intellectually, socially, and emotionally. They offer creative challenges and aesthetic appreciation as well as self-expression and self-discovery opportunities.



We have well equipped laboratories which caters to the curricula of different age groups. They are designed keeping in mind the safety regulations and ventilation system. The labs break monotony in teaching and learning processes. It facilitates learning for a student through models displayed in the lab. It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject.


Robotics Lab

Robotics takes education technology to a new level, creating the next evolution in teaching. The sophisticated Robotic Lab in the campus opens a new world of creativity and innovation. Introducing robotics to schools means making STEM skills and knowledge hands-on and fun, to prepare students for the future in a way that feels more like creativity and less like homework. It helps students improve their attention, design, and teamwork skills.



SFWS believes in the culture of reading. A bright and comfortable library hosts thousands of books to cater our children. It has a range of academic books, fiction and non-fiction books for all ages. The quiet reading space immerse children into the world of books. Teachers use the library to supplement their teaching lessons with facts and references from around the world.



SFWS provides an optional service facilitated safe and reliable bus transportation to students who wish to avail this facility. We have buses equipped with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and on-board cameras. This allows the School and parents to monitor speed and location of the route.